Helping B2B SaaS founders create and scale long-term growth

Advising founders and executive teams on how to create and scale long-term growth and focus GTM motion as they move through different growth inflection points. 

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About Neha Goel & Rippler Group

Hello! I'm a B2B Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and go-to-market leader with a track record of collaboratively building businesses, expanding markets, accelerating growth, and developing impactful teams that create value.

Over the past decade, I've led marketing and GTM strategies with a heavy focus on revenue growth acceleration and brand value creation for 6 growth-obsessed early-stage B2B startups in the talent/HR tech and procurement/spend management spaces, and been involved in 3 exits!

I advise startup founders and their teams from seed to scale on market entry and growth. I bring a no-fluff, dig-deep approach to articulating what makes you unique; discovering who you are talking to (persona), what you’re saying (message), and how they will hear you (channels); prioritizing and sequencing what you bring to market and for whom; detailing the customer pain that translates to repeatable revenue and predictable pipeline; and optimizing your route to market - org, tech, programs, partners, strategy, tactics, thought leadership, execution, and iteration.

Typical responsibilities:

Serving as an advisor to provide advice and insights regarding GTM and marketing 

Attending meetings with internal teams, customers, prospects, agencies, and investors

Helping assess strategic opportunities

Providing marketing strategy and know-how and helping drive marketing execution

Being a thought partner to founding teams

What is an Executive Advisor

We help startups and scaleups gain new insights and advice to solve business problems or explore new opportunities. 

We help provide current knowledge, critical thinking, subject matter expertise, and analysis to increase your confidence as a decision-maker. 

Think of us as your external advisor, thought partner, and mentor as you navigate the growth potential of your business. 

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