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About Neha Goel & Rippler Group

Hello! I'm a B2B Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and go-to-market leader with a track record of collaboratively building businesses, expanding markets, accelerating growth, and developing impactful teams that create value. I'm hands-on, growth-focused, with an equal love for both strategy and execution.

Over the past decade, I've led marketing and GTM strategies with a heavy focus on revenue growth acceleration and brand value creation for 6 growth-obsessed early-stage B2B startups in the talent/HR tech and procurement/spend management spaces, and been involved in 3 exits!

I love to build and scale and am passionate about helping innovative early-stage B2B tech startups grow! I'm always game to work with a
phenomenal team who've developed a market-disruptive product to help them successfully grow and hit their revenue and business goals!

Examples of Projects:

Implementing demand generation campaigns to drive more leads and revenue

Optimizing martech, integrations, and automation

Conducting customer research to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences

Running positioning and messaging workshops

Driving marketing ops including lead scoring, handoff, full-funnel optimization, and more

Developing and executing product launch strategies

Growth hacking niche segments

Designing marketing organization plus help to hire and build teams

Providing training and coaching to your team

Why a Consultant?

Are you struggling to drive growth and achieve your business goals with your current marketing strategy and team? It may be time to consider hiring a marketing consultant to add some firepower.

With their expertise and experience, a marketing consultant can help you identify new opportunities, develop effective strategies, and execute your plans with precision.

From content marketing and demand generation to growth hacking and team building, a marketing consultant can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals. In this competitive business landscape, hiring a marketing consultant can give you the edge you need to succeed.


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