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BDR Superheroes: How to Maximize BDR Potential

Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are the unsung heroes of B2B go-to-market team, tirelessly working behind the scenes to keep the revenue engine running. In this blog, we'll share proven strategies, supported by actionable tactics, to empower your BDRs for even greater success, driving revenue and growth for your business. 

Define clear KPIs
      • Establish specific, measurable key performance indicators to track progress and success.

        Example: Instead of solely measuring the numbers of calls made (activity), track metrics like conversion rate and pipeline generated (performance) to better evaluate BDR performance and impact.
Streamline workflows
      • Simplify the sales process and reduce friction

        Example: Implement a CRM solution with built-in automation features to reduce manual data entry and improve lead tracking, allowing BDRs to focus on what they do best - connecting with potential clients. 
Train and coach
      • Provide ongoing training and coaching to develop skills and improve performance.

        Example: Arrange regular sales role-play sessions and incorporate feedback from experience sales leaders to improve BDRs' communication and negotiation skills.
Build a great culture
      • Foster a positive, supportive team culture that encourages collaboration.

        Example: Introduce peer recognition programs where team members nominate and celebrate the accomplishments of their colleagues.
Create rotational programs
      • Rotate BDRs through other functions like content marketing, digital marketing, customer success, and pre-sales to pick up multi-disciplinary best practices.

        Example: Rotate BDRs through a 3-month stint in customer success to help them better understand customer needs and improve their ability to communicate your product's value proposition
Reframe the role
      • Shift focus from lead generation to business enablement, especially for an account-based experience (ABX) strategy

        Example: Encourage BDRs to focus on developing relationships with specific target accounts, rather than just generating leads.
Provide a career path

      • Ensure a clear line of sight on career progression and future opportunities within the organization.

        Example: Establish a clear progression plan for BDRs, outlining potential paths to roles such as Account Executive or Sales Manager, and provide mentorship to suppor their growth. 
Invest in intent data
      • Utilize intent data and buying signal to focus effforts and increase success rates.

        Example: Use tools like Bombora or G2 to gather intent data, allowing BDRs to prioritize outreach to prospects who are actively researching your product category or have shown interest in your competitors. 

Focus on messaging

      • Tailor BDR messaging to be distinct from marketing messaging, catering to the unique needs of sales prospects.

        Example: Train BDRs to customize their outreach messaging by incorporating insights from a prospect's LInkedIn profile, highlighting how your solution addrsses their unique challenges and goals. 


      • Encourage multi-thread, multi-channel, and multi-touch approaches to maximize outreach effectiveness.

        Example: Encourage BDRs to leverage a combination of email, phone calls, and social media outreach to engage with mutliple people at a target account.

Empowering your BDRs with these strategies can lead to a stronger, more effective B2B GTM team. If you're interested in more tips to enable your BDRs to be even more productive and efficient, please reach out!